About Us

 MidValleyFx  is a guitar pedal company out of the Willamette Valley in the Pacific  Northwest. We love FUZZ, HEAVY FUZZ and create all original fuzz/distortion guitar pedals. Owned by husband and wife team, Andrew is the lead singer and  guitar player for Senium, a grunge band who has worked with artists such  as Steve Albini and Avenged Sevenfold. With experience in heavy guitar sounds he wanted to share his love for thick distortion and design fuzz pedals with unique equalization and tones that he'd want to hear out in  the market today. After picking up a fuzz factory clone the itch has never left and Andrew has  been making fuzz pedals ever since. Tori does all the graphic designs on our pedals she has been in graphic design for the band Senium and now for MidValleyFx as well! Everything from the art on the pedals to way its packed she takes care! With our line of pedals we hope to bring new exciting sounds to the music community and share our love for heavy sounds.